Artoza 2017: 3-6 March 2017 - Laoudis Foods participates as always with the biggest stand in the famous Greek expo!

FRUTTIDOR: Fruit pieces for fillings before and after baking! The Italian IRCA collects the most delicious fruit varieties and "imprison" an innovative way to get any fruit you want, anytime, 365 days a year, fresh and incredibly tasty at your service!

IREKS MULTISEED: The new mix for multigrain bread with clean label that makes the difference with its high quality and the unique flavor!

The Art of Sugar Paste

LAOUDIS FOODS presents a series of nationwide seminars for  the demanding art of sugar paste. 

Innovation & Training Center

Our Innovation & Training Center offers consulting services that help foundations, organizations and community groups design and launch new initiatives, manage implementation and evaluate impact. We work on projects of all sizes for clients that seek to maximize the social justice impact of their work.